Afroditi Krassa

Founder and Creative Director, AfroditiKrassa design studio

Having originally trained as a product designer, Afroditi's first foray into hospitality design was the creation of Japanese food chain ITSU, working with Julian Metcalfe of Pret-A-Manger. As with all of her projects, ITSU went on to be a category-leader, still widely regarded 10 years later.

She has worked at the cutting-edge of hospitality design, which has led to her studio having an enviable list of entrepreneurs, hoteliers and restaurateurs as clients.

Afroditi was awarded Designer of the Year in 2010 by Elle Deco and featured in U.S magazine Metropolis as a rising star in hospitality design in 2013. She also teaches, writes about and judges design. Her work has appeared in art and design publications worldwide and has been televised by the BBC, Channel 4 and CNN.