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Cimbali UK Ltd
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United Kingdom

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We offer a comprehensive range of top quality equipment which delivers consistent in cup quality across the speciality coffee menu. The range extends from traditional espresso machines to feature rich superautomatics each designed to meet the varying needs of the market.

The S30 with IOT technology will launch at Hotelympia

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S30 – welcome to the Touch Revolution. Optimise your beverage offer with the new Cimbali S30: exceptional coffee quality, touch screen operation and integral IoT (Internet of Things) technology tha...

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Bar/Back bar Equipment | Beverage Equipment | Hot Beverages | Training & Skills

La Cimbali S30 Perfect Touch
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Jan 27, 2016

Cimbali to reveal major industry advance at Hotelympia

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Cimbali to reveal major industry advance at Hotelympia

La Cimbali will reveal a major industry advance at Hotelympia with the UK premier of the S30 Perfect Touch, a new generation of ‘super smart’ superautomatics featuring future proof IoT* technology that provides a powerful management information system whilst delivering exceptional coffee quality.

The functional and aesthetic heart of the machine is the touch screen display panel and intuitive graphic interface with integral cloud based network connectivity for the two way exchange of data.

The tempered glass touch screen can be fully customised with menu selections; screen savers; coloured LED lighting; video clips; live news feeds and can also carry branded promotional messaging which becomes an especially powerful sales tool when the S30 is used in self-serve mode.

By collecting and exchanging data automatically using bi-directional Wi-Fi, the S30 can be monitored remotely for quality control; consumption and output levels; fault diagnosis; cleaning and maintenance purposes. Data can be viewed via a PC, tablet or smartphone thereby optimising machine performance and minimising the service cycle.

In terms of coffee quality, the S30 benefits from several Cimbali patented technologies including MilkPS, a new milk preparation system which allows even the smallest quantity of hot or cold milk to be frothed for more creative recipe development; SmartBoiler which boosts steam and hot water capacity throughout the brewing cycle, therefore avoiding drops in production; the multi award winning PGS automatically performs corrections on the grinder and ground coffee dose to ensure the maximum consistency in the brewing cycle; plus the TurboSteam 4 with a new safety feature, a ‘cold touch’ steam wand which is coated with an insulating and anti-adherent material to prevent the build-up of milk residue and which remains cold, before, during and after steam delivery.

Other new technology includes an integral self-cleaning hot chocolate powder system with a 1 kg hopper which allows the beverage menu to be extended with a range of chocolate drinks. Plus a new self-adjusting spout position which can be pre-set for every drink that is pre-programmed.

“The S30 really takes the superautomatics to another level and we see this machine as the perfect choice for quick service operations where it will perform incredibly well under pressure. In a self-serve or standby mode the S30 is well suited to intermittent use when the touchscreen can be used for brand and sales promotions very effectively,” said Rob Ward, coffee specialist Cimbali UK

“On a practical note, I think anyone who is used to working a superautomatic machine under pressure who has experienced just how high a temperature the metal can reach will really appreciate our new cold touch steam wand.

“Plus the type of data that the machine can generate is invaluable to anyone who wants to maximize both the operating performance and profit potential of the beverage menu.”

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*IoT or Internet of Things refers to the growing number of everyday items that are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

Media enquiries: Jane Newick, The Wordbox Group, Tel 01483 243671/07907 566773

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