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Classeq is the leading British based warewashing manufacturer producing a range of robust, reliable machines to suit outlets of all sizes, from front loading glass washers, to high volume rack dishwashers.

Classeq is also the exclusive UK distributor of Ice-O-Matic machines & Eau de Vie filtered water systems.

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CST Rack Conveyor

Classeq's latest rack conveyor dishwashers, the CST 100 & 130, have been innovatively designed with the hospitality and catering sectors in mind. Performance, reliability and ease of use are the m...

Eau de Vie

Filtered, chilled, still & sparkling water systems for hotels, restaurants and bars.


Instant boiling water , energy efficient , simplistic , filtered , chilled , still & sparkling water systems for modern office , restaurants and bars.

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Beverage Equipment | Ice/Slush Machines | Water Treatment/Filtration

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Feb 26, 2018


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Leading sustainable water provider, Eau De Vie will be showcasing its renowned range of filtered water systems on stand number 3461 at this year’s Hotelympia Show.
Eau De Vie will be putting their engaging case forward as to why caterers should be switching to new and sustainable water solutions for their table service as opposed to bulky, expensive and environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles.
With its unique patented filtration technology, Eau De Vie offers caterers the opportunity to serve fresh, delicious tasting, chilled still or sparkling water all from one easy dispense point. No water miles, no storage challenges, no wasted water in the bottling process (it takes over 6 litres of water to bottle one single litre), and no loss of margin… Just great tasting water that can served directly into glasses or stylish signature glass bottles to enhance an establishment’s image and boost its sustainability ratings.
With media headlines increasingly dominated by pictures of ‘plastic oceans’ and waste created, in part, from the 500 million single use water bottles that are consumed across the world each day, Eau De Vie offers its customers a viable and exciting ‘third way’ to that of single use water bottles and tap water – and the take up is indicating a seismic shift in attitudes and desire for sustainable solutions for the world’s most important commodity.
Ensuring that the impurities are filtered to ensure a great tasting water, chilled still or sparkling water can be served ‘real time’ and is the perfect solution for many restaurants who are increasingly recognising consumers’ appetite for change. It is also win-win in commercial terms as profit potential for water served this way can be significantly higher than with pre-bottled water.
Increasingly, operations are also considering single dispense points which not only deliver purified chilled still and sparkling water, but also boiling water – all at the touch of a button. With chefs reporting that the quality of water can adversely affect taste within their cooking process (and/or affecting the quality of some of their beverages), the value of removing impurities and hardness from tap water is becoming increasingly evident.
Visitors are invited to come and discuss their water offering with the ‘Eau De Vie’ team and taste for themselves the quality of the water. Find out too how many leading establishments are already turning to Eau de Vie water systems and considering the ‘third way’ to become more sustainable, reduce their waste and make more profit by doing so.

For media Information; please contact:
Lorna Allen 07917 413257 or lorna.allen@cannygroup.co.uk

Jan 20, 2016

CST 130

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With British Food Fortnight taking place 19th September – 4th October, the subject of provenance will become a much discussed topic in the Foodservice sector. Supporting home-based producers can provide an important boost to the UK economy and it’s good to see the best of British food being celebrated…but what about other areas within the sector? Are these being forgotten?
Globally, the manufacturing industry contributes £6.7 trillion to the economy and even though our country is relatively small in comparison to heavyweights such as China, India and the US, the UK is currently the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world - quite an achievement. So what kind of products can we supply that others can’t? Well, with a workforce of 2.6 million people we make everything from Triumph motorcycles to Silver Spoon Sugar and even warewashers...
Here at Classeq we have been developing quality glass and dishwashers for over four decades, and with all core equipment tested and produced in the heart of the UK in Staffordshire, we’re proud to have our roots firmly planted in British soil to help provide thousands of jobs for the UK market.
Our most recent product, the CST 130, has been innovatively designed with the foodservice sector in mind. It can wash an impressive 130 racks per hour (that’s up to 2,340 dirty plates) while keeping energy and water waste to a minimum thanks to features such as its automatic standby mode and rinse economiser. Every aspect has been created with operators’ budgets and environmental impact in mind so managers can be rest assured they are using the best available product on the market.
But that’s just one example of the machines we manufacture. From small compact units to larger rack conveyors, we make sure every warewasher is of the highest quality so that the very best of British manufacturing and foodservice equipment is available right on your doorstep. And to us, that’s something worth celebrating too…

Jan 20, 2016


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Eau De Vie ‘taps into’ new markets with product innovation
Leading filtered water system manufacturer Eau de Vie brings to market its newest innovation – the latest in sustainable water delivery for the catering industry, the multitap™.
A technological breakthrough in energy efficient appliance design, the drinking water system provides instant fresh, filtered boiling and chilled water – both still and sparkling - in a single stylish dispense tap.
The internal set-up isolates the two water lines, ensuring that the cold water comes out chilled, while the hot is drawn at a temperature set by the customer to meet a particular need.
Incorporating a state-of-the-art heat exchange system, unique to a filtered water product, the new tap captures heat generated during the chilling cycle which would typically be wasted, recovering it to preheat the boiling water and saving substantial amounts of energy.
In addition, the single point dispense unit has an inbuilt seven day time switch ensuring the system is running only when it is needed, eliminating unnecessary out-of-hours power consumption. An energy saving stand-by mode can be selected to activate after a pre-set time of non-use, whereby the advanced water tap will power down to conserve power.
The latest product from fast growing filtered water brand Eau de Vie represents a new generation of filtered water systems that offer a truly sustainable solution to out of home water consumption.
The energy-saving technology provides a simple, genuinely green water delivery solution for caterers and is being hailed as the ‘must have’ piece of equipment both back and front of house.
Its unique energy saving credentials has the potential to substantial reduce essential overheads as energy prices remain high across the industry. Its ease of use and convenience also means caterers can save on vital time needed for preparation before and during service, for example blanching vegetables without the need to pre-heat the water.
Speaking about the launch David Smithson, CEO of Eau de Vie said the new water appliance was a ‘step change’ in the large scale delivery of water for the catering industry, adding, “The new multitap™ utilises the very latest innovations in heat transference as well as energy savings techniques to be a truly green product. Unlike anything else on the market, it will genuinely save operators money through decrease energy consumption as well as allowing to drive new revenue streams by offering a ‘third way’ between expensive, undesirable single use bottled water and chlorinated tap water
“We are extremely proud of our newest innovation which will add a new dimension to the filtered water market, offering a genuine green alternative to current systems.”

Bottled water is increasingly losing favour amongst consumers, who are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of its production. It takes 7 litres of water and 162g of oil to produce a single one litre disposable bottle of water. In the process 120g of CO2 is released. The UK consumes about 3 billion litres of bottled water annually making the environmental damage caused by bottled water production just in Britain potentially huge.

For further information on the multitap™ and its benefits go to www.eaudevie.com

For press information please contact Niki Goddard at The Splash Partnership on 01225348003 or via niki.goddard@tsplashp.com

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