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Providing innovative solutions to streamline and support the entire food supply chain, Checkit’s new Work Management and Automated Monitoring tools dramatically improve the way food businesses manage food safety compliance and employee productivity.

Our award winning technology is relied on by leading names including Claridges, the Ritz and many others.

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Checkit Automated Monitoring

Our automated monitoring solution records temperatures, humidity and door opening 24/7 via wireless fixed sensors. Alerts and status updates are visible on-site staff via the Checkit Hub and manage...

Checkit Work Management

Checkit Work Management is the first food safety management solution of its kind to use the cloud to deliver outstanding functionality and an intuitive new design. It comprises: The Control Cent...

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Health & Safety | Temperature control | Food Safety and Assurance | Activity Scheduling | Food and Beverage Control Systems | Communication Systems | Computer Software | Hand Held Technology | Human Resource Management | Wireless Technology

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Nov 25, 2015

See The Food Safety Revolution In Action

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Checkit Demo New Solutions at Hotelympia 2016

Cambridge based technology company Checkit will be launching an update of its Automated Monitoring system, as well as, introducing a new Work Management solution to visitors at this year’s Hotelympia. Both products dramatically improve the way food businesses manage compliance and employee productivity. Food industry professionals visiting Stand 1710 have an opportunity to experience the latest innovative benefits offered by Checkit’s award-winning food safety management systems.

Confronting the challenges ahead
Currently, the hospitality industry faces very significant challenges in monitoring staff and securely recording the data from scheduled temperature, cleaning and health and safety checks. Recently commissioned research* indicates a key threat posed by existing compliance regulations. Over 94% of respondents identified that ‘having the right records to keep the EHO happy to retain our Hygiene Star Rating is vital.’

The common picture in the majority of UK’s commercial kitchens is of multiple staff, all taking some responsibility for recording data. Some experience significant employee turnover. Of businesses surveyed*, 79% agreed that they would like ‘a simple system that helped organise the schedule of checks and jobs between the staff and across both the day and week.’

The great leap forward
Checkit Work Management responds to these demands. As a result of implementing the system, compliance management is transformed. Routine tasks are guided and managed in real time. Checklists can be standardised across multiple sites, procedures are always consistent and staff are more productive due the ease of use of the system. Additionally records are trusted and visible at all times. And most importantly audit ratings and reputations are protected.

Delivering service and management capabilities to multi-site businesses
With multi-site capabilities, Checkit Work Management also enables larger groups to standardise processes across all their locations. Checklists can be published across multiple sites, ensuring consistency in compliance across teams. For the first time senior managers will be able to aggregate data and compare the performance of each location in order to guide their staff to make improvements.

Automation improved
Temperature monitoring of refrigeration units is a key legislative requirement for all foodservice businesses. Checkit’s Fixed Sensors monitor temperature, humidity and door open/close status, providing acurate, reliable data records 24/7. The latest updated sensors deliver a reliable and cost effective solution that frees up staff to focus on other tasks and be more productive.

In partnership with EHOs
Checkit Work Management is the UK’s first cloud based app running a food safety management system that has been developed in consultation with food enforcement officers. This collaborative approach helps to ensure that the functionality covers the key aspects required by law.

Easy to use
The latest technology delivers outstanding functionality, security and a slick new design. Both systems are easy to set up and use, with hardware ready in a matter of minutes. Extending beyond basic food
safety requirements, Checkit’s cloud based Control Centre allows bespoke checks, processes or actions to be added to the system at any time. Checklists can be built and sent to staff with a few clicks. End user training is minimal. A simple, touch-screen interface actively prompts staff to perform checks and record measurements, whenever and wherever they are required. Records, progress and alerts are securely stored in the Control Centre, and are instantly accessible from any PC, tablet or phone, providing optimum confidence, trust and security.

Delivering value
This solution is remarkably inexpensive compared with other systems currently on the market. Checkit provides an affordable and scalable solution in order to be attractive both to small independents and larger, multi-site operators. Regular monthly payments provide access to ongoing support, secure storage, cloud based analysis and management, software updates and hardware. There is also a ‘No Ties’ option involving a larger upfront payment in exchange for the ability to cancel on one month’s notice.

The foodservice revolution
Dr. Martin Nash, Product Line Manager at Checkit, comments: “We recognise that there are increasingly complex challenges in food safety and business management and have developed a complete solution to address this situation. Checkit Work Management will revolutionise the way food businesses implement and manage compliance. By automating and standardising procedures, the new system guarantees that the correct measures have been taken, whenever a food safety audit occurs. If your food business relies on countless small things to be done correctly and consistently by staff in order to deliver productivity, profitability and compliance – Checkit Work Management is for you.”

No paperwork. No missing records. No worries. The food safety revolution starts on Stand 1710!

* Quantitative Research undertaken with 146 caterers by Cambridge Direction, July 2015.

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