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Catersave Europe Ltd
Units 2 & 3 Court Lodge Farm
Horton Kirby
Tel. 0044 1322 867790


United Kingdom

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CaterSave Europe’s Cutlery and Glass Polishing machines are indispensable to Hotels, Restaurants and Catering establishments across the UK… Are you still hand polishing cutlery?

STATS: Polishes 3500 cutlery per hour/350 glasses per hour

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Food Waste Processor, which can reduce your food waste by up to 90%!

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Cutlery Polishing Machine

Showcased this year is our most popular model in our cutlery polisher range, the Model 3500. This side-loading portable machine is perfect for restaurants, hotels or any hospitality business that s...

Glass Polishing Machine

Our Model 500 mini glass polisher is a unique piece of technology with air blown buffers that actually dry from the top down to ensure sparkling clean glasses after every operation. Compact but eff...

Food Waste Processor

The Catersave Food Waste Dry Dehydration system (FWDD), turbo-charges the food waste decomposition process through accelerated dehydration and agitation, reducing the original waste volume by betwe...

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Bar/Back bar Equipment | Cutlery | Food waste disposers | Recycling/Reuse | Waste Management Solutions

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Oct 16, 2015

The Food Waste Problem

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The Food Waste Problem.

If 'food waste' was a country, it would be the world’s 3rd largest emitter of CO2.

When food rots it creates methane (CH4) which has 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.

With new legislation requiring waste producers to divert their waste from landfill and recycle or re-use it companies are looking for new methods of handling their waste. Food waste is one area where companies struggle to effectively deal with the amount of food waste produced and the ever increasing cost of waste collection. The solution is to process your food waste on site into a more manageable size and reduce the problems associated with decomposing food stored in refuse areas. Our Food Waste Processors do exactly this, with models capable of processing 5kg – 1000kg of food waste per day companies can now reduce their food waste bulk by up to 90% into a dry, odourless biomass that can be used in many different ways.

Our machines are extremely easy to use. Users simply load their food waste, raw and cooked, into the machines throughout the day, once full, the cycle begins by crushing, turning and heating the waste to release the moisture. This moisture, in the form of steam, is condensed though the radiator and passes into their drainage system as pure water illuminating any problems associated with ‘grey water’ machines. Once the cycle has finished the biomass is cooled and then automatically dispensed. The resulting biomass can then either be stored inside awaiting collection or can be used in more environmentally friendly ways such as anaerobic digestion, as fuel in a biomass burner or added to general compost as a soil enhancer.

Of course by reducing your food waste bulk significantly you will in turn reduce your ever-increasing waste collection costs and at the same time reduce your ‘waste miles’ as less vehicles are required to collect your waste. Refuse areas will now not be contaminated with rotting food thus reducing the impact of vermin infestation and bad smells that obviously occur.

Our most popular model, the BB100, is capable of turning 100kg of food waste into just 10kg of biomass. This would normally fill two 240 litre waste bins per day therefore a business producing this amount of food waste would normally use 14 waste bins per week, this will now be reduced to just one or two per week.

It’s estimated that 600,000 tonnes of food waste is generated every year by the UK hospitality industry a large amount of this is sent to landfill. If everyone adopted our method of processing food waste it would make a huge effect on the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

Catersave Europe believe that over the next few years all companies will be compelled to deal with food waste in a more sustainable way and by implementing our innovative system will ensure that they meet all the current and future obligations set out by UK and EU directives.

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