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Burgess Furniture Ltd
Hanworth Trading Estate
Hampton Road West
TW13 6EH
Tel. 0044 2088949231
Fax 0044 208 894 2943


United Kingdom

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Burgess started exporting from its very first order way back in 1959 and today Burgess exports to over 50 countries every year. We are proud to say that for over half a century we have made all our chairs and tables to exacting standards in our West London factory.

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“The Evosa’s minimalist contemporary styling will complement any room.” Designed by Peter Roth, the Evosa is the perfect chair for the most prestigious venues. The slender chrome plated steel fra...

Evosa Congress

“The Evosa Congress is a frame stacking chair with all the stylish characteristics of the original Evosa.” Designed by Peter Roth, the Evosa Congress is the perfect chair for the most prestigious ...


“The Mendola chair with ProBax® Advanced Seating Technology brings a new level of comfort to your events” Designed by Peter Roth, the Mendola chair is a contemporary multi-purpose aluminium chair ...

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Accessories / Miscellaneous | Conference / Banqueting Furniture | Indoor Furniture | Table Linen

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Evosa Congress
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Press Releases:

Jan 12, 2016

Introducing the new Inicio

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Designed by David Hill, from the Burgess Design team at their West London Head Office, the new Inicio represents a quantum leap in classic
banquet chair design.
The Inicio’s innovative forward sloping frame, together with its unique wedge seat and slim back construction, creates a modern and dynamic aesthetic, while retaining superior levels of comfort.
With a choice of 6 back shapes, a choice of mono or two-tone upholstery, a wide range of solid paint finishes and a bespoke colour-matched handhold,
Inicio Provides scope to create a unique chair to enhance any modern interior.
Built to match its looks, Inicio is tested to
the highest standard, stacking 10 high on discreet transparent buffers, and offers the durability and quality synonymous with Burgess.
Inicio by Burgess Furniture.
A classic, redefined.

Oct 15, 2015

Classic Chair Re-launch

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Relaunching the iconic Classic Chair Collection.
Burgess is pleased to announce that July 2015 saw the revamping of some of our most iconic Burgess Furniture chairs. Como, Cello, ComfortFlex and Salon all underwent a makeover, replacing classic fabrics and finishes with edgier, more modern pairings.
The Salon was photographed in a
combination of striped and plain fabrics. Its effortlessly chic look is shaped by coupling the fashionable fabrics with
modern powder coat finishes, creating a finished product that is refined, elegant and contemporary.
The ComfortFlex has been shot in a mix of Brushed Natural finish and a textured velvet fabric. The combination of
the two is fresh and exciting, whilst still retaining the classic style that lends itself so well to any function or conference space.
Como has been shot in an assortment of trendy and vibrant coloured fabrics and complementary powder coated finishes.
The effect is bold and striking, and serves to highlight the visual versatility of the lightweight reeded aluminium stacking chair.
Cello is resplendent yet simple with its
Allday™ Comfort Plus seat cushion and
molded back kitted out in hues of pink and blue.
Nodding its head at the trendy with its bright colours and silver legs, the Cello is vibrant and modern while still retaining an overall classic feel.

May 11, 2015

Evosa Congress Launch

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Introducing the new Evosa Congress.
A Contemporary Chair for Contemporary Comfort.
Designed by Peter Roth, and with all the stylish characteristics of the original Evosa, the Evosa Congress
sets the bar in outstanding design and quality. Available in three model options, all come with a stylish,
chrome-plated steel frame and the latest innovative
stacking buffers.
The slim webbed seat and unique hidden back construction creates an exceptionally supportive
framework which becomes moulded to your back. This provides enduring comfort for your customers while
maintaining a light weight chair that can be frame stacked up to 10 high.
A wide range of finishes are offered
together with a large selection of
fabrics from the Burgess collection,
leading to beautiful and bespoke
seating solutions.
With its effortless blend of classic
elegance and modern ergonomics,
the Evosa Congress is the perfect
chair for the most prestigious venues.

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