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Bridor SAS
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United Kingdom

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French manufacturer of frozen high quality Viennese pastries, breads and pâtisserie for the food service and retail sector.

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Bakery / Patisserie | Desserts / Puddings | Frozen | Non-UK Food Products


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Feb 8, 2018

Indulgence and Innovation in One Extra-Tasty Pastry French Bakery Brand Acknowledges Key Food Trends

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For thirty years, the French bakery brand, Bridor, has endeavoured to go the extra mile – in terms of quality, service and innovation. So, it should come as no surprise, that to celebrate their milestone birthday, Bridor is giving its customers even more, with the launch of the Extravagants range.
This luxurious range features three sensational, 100% pure butter Viennese pastries that are extraordinary in so many ways:
• EXTRA GENEROUS - At 95g these large pastries make for a truly indulgent treat
• EXTRA SURPRISING – With colourful and tempting toppings, the range has a show-stopping appearance and a startling combination of textures - from the crunchy exterior to the soft, supple interior
• EXTRA INDULGENT – Filled with an intensely flavoured centre each pastry is made with a pure butter for an incomparable flavour and texture

Muesli and Blueberry 95g – A trend setting experience that combines pleasure and well-being! Crunchy muesli is combined with the fruity-tang of blueberries and finished with a rolled-oat topping.
Raspberry Cheesecake Style 95g - Like a New York cheesecake... The rich centre, delivers the sweetness of cream cheese balanced with the delicate acidity of whole raspberries, for a more interesting texture, a rich colour and an intensely fruity flavour.
Triple Chocolate 95g – What could be more indulgent than a recipe with 3 types of chocolate? Made with dark, white and milk chocolate, to deliver three different flavours and textures:

Simple and easy to prepare, these pastries are ready to bake from frozen, delivered proved and egg washed. With a defrost time of 30 minutes and a baking time of 16-18 minutes, they offer a practical solution that guarantees freshness and flexibility all day long.

Erwan Inizan, Sales Director UK comments; “For 30 years, Bridor has been keeping pace with changing consumer trends. We all love to give into temptation every now and again and our love of ultra-indulgent products is having a significant impact on the ranges that we’re currently developing. The latest Extravagants range couldn’t be more aptly named. These are Viennese pastries that certainly won’t go unnoticed!”

Feb 8, 2018

Savoury Snacking has a Chic Makeover Introducing French Bakery Brand’s Latest On-Trend Launch

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Snacking is currently one of the biggest trends influencing the industry. Bridor’s latest bakery offering provides retailers with an opportunity to capitalise on the increase of impromptu meals throughout the day. The new range of savoury filled croissants, reinterprets classic French recipes with today’s consumer in mind.

The large (90g) croissants are designed to satisfy the hungriest appetite. Made with 100% pure butter, Bridor combine an appealing golden colour with exceptional lamination - for a superior, flaky texture and satisfying crunch. In fact, it’s everything you’d expect from a Bridor croissant, further enhanced by the choice of two generous and rich savoury fillings.

• Ham & Cheese Croissant 90g - A French-style croissant with a creamy centre, filled with strips of ham and an Emmental béchamel sauce (18% filling). The bran topping delivers a lovely colour and crisp exterior!

• Cheese Croissant 90g - There is a satisfying richness at the heart of this delicious croissant filled with Emmental (19% filling). The pastry is also topped with the famous Swiss cheese for an even more indulgent finish.

Bridor’s Savoury Filled Croissants can be enjoyed warm or cold, either for breakfast, brunch, served at a table or consumed on-the-go. Whatever the meal-time occasion Bridor has the perfect solution.

Simple and easy to prepare, these croissants are ready to bake from frozen, delivered already proved and egg washed. With a defrost time of 30 minutes and a baking time of 16-18 minutes, they offer a practical solution that guarantees freshness and flexibility all day long.

Erwan Inizan, Sales Director UK comments; “For 30 years, Bridor has been keeping pace with changing consumer habits and tastes. Snacking continues to have a huge influence on the ranges that we’re currently developing. The latest Savoury Filled Croissants are a practical, convenient solution for retailers, chefs and consumers alike.”

Feb 8, 2018

Break from Tradition with B’Break Bridor introduce bread rolls for every moment

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Bridor celebrate their 30th birthday in 2018. Not content to rest on their laurels, the brand has been busy pioneering a series of exciting new products that respond to some of the most prevalent food and drink trends. These include accommodating the blurring boundaries between mealtimes and snacking with the introduction of the new B’Break range of contemporary 70g bread rolls.
100% enjoyment and flexibility with zero constraints
From breakfast through to lunch and every sharing board and snacking moment in between – consumer’s eating habits are changing. Foodservice operators require new bakery solutions to fill an increasingly diverse range of meal time dining occasions and on-the-go quick fixes!

To help deliver growth for the catering industry, B’Break offers balance and an all-round bakery solution. Bridor’s 70g range of bread rolls demonstrates that practicality shouldn’t come at the expense of enjoyment, and that enjoyment and well-being can be achieved in one product. B’Break’s practical, trendy and tasty rolls are available in four must-have flavours:

Cocoa-Chocolate chips – The Indulgent One, is a must-have ‘total chocolate’ solution made with cocoa powder and a large quantity of chocolate chips (with at least 50% cocoa). The result is an intense taste and appealing roll.

Muesli – The Energetic One, is created with muesli mix made with raisins, dried apricots, whole hazelnuts, cranberries, and rolled oats, enhanced with a dash of honey for a naturally sweet and free of preservatives finish.
2 Olives & Rosemary – The Mediterranean One, is a year-round must-have that always delivers a ray of sunshine. Containing a pinch of rosemary, a splash of extra virgin olive oil and a generous blend (30%) of green olives and black olives to enhance the overall taste.
Chorizo – The Sunny One is based on the Spanish speciality cured meat, infused with the mildly fragrant and warming tones of paprika. This colourful roll uses high-quality chorizo; free of colourants and smoked over beech wood.

Healthy and practical
These colourful and visually appealing rolls are sure to generate instant demand. The tempting look is supported by a thin crust and a tender texture, that will be maintained even after several hours at room temperature. Made with bread dough that follows the clean label approach: free of preservatives, additives and colourants, B’Break is the go-to option.

Erwan Inizan, Sales Director UK comments; “We are really excited about the launch of B’Break. These tasty little rolls satisfy so many opportunities. The range of flavours is fresh and modern – fulfilling the needs of a whole range of occasions and outlets. We think B’Break is going to be an incredibly strong all- round performer in 2018 and beyond.”

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