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Bio Collectors Limited
10 Osier Way
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United Kingdom

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"We want your Food Waste"
Bio Collectors specialise in food waste and has it's own state of the art anaerobic digestion plant in London, Mitcham, where we currently process over 50,000 tonnes per year. We also have a large fleet of trucks for food waste collections Call 020 8687 1200

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Feb 15, 2016

Bio Collectors to promote eco-friendly food waste disposal

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Bio Collectors will be taking a stand (3130) at Hotelympia in London for the first time to show the hospitality sector how it can improve its bottom line through better food waste disposal methods.
The renowned show, in session at ExCel in London from 29 February to 3 March, will give visitors from the UK’s hospitality and foodservice sectors the chance to meet the companies that can make a difference to their businesses. Bio Collectors works with some major hotel and restaurant chains in central London, as well as supermarkets and independent companies. It is the largest food collection and recycling service in the capital, offering its partners an environmentally-friendly way for disposing of food waste using anaerobic digestion (AD).
With more than 40 years in the waste industry, and five specifically dedicated to the development of food waste recycling technology, it is an expert in the field. Food waste is collected from participating companies in bins provided by the firm, before being taken back to the plant in Mitcham, Surrey. Waste is cleared of all contamination, such as bits of plastic, metal or black bags, and turned into a sludge. This is held at 70°C for one hour during the pasteurisation process to kill any bacteria before passing into one of two AD tanks where it stays for 20 days.
This process produces 60 percent methane, which is used to heat the water used in pasteurisation, as well as to heat the company offices. The remaining methane is upgraded to 98 percent and passed onto the national grid where it supplies much of the local community, particularly during the lower demand periods like summer.
The AD process produces energy and digestate – a fertiliser sold back to local farmers, which has fantastic benefits on the soil and future produce grown. This means waste is repurposed without producing any unwanted or environmentally negative by-products of which other disposal methods, such as incineration and landfill, are guilty.
Paul Killoughery, Managing Director, said: “Being green does not have to be time consuming or expensive, and we want to spread awareness of the lesser known methods for waste disposal. There are only so many landfill sites in the UK and they are starting to fill up. The EU has recognised this and has implemented a system of fines for countries that do not attempt to ease the problem through other methods of waste disposal or a reduction in waste overall. The UK government has introduced substantial charges for using landfill, bumping up the cost of waste disposal.”
Visit stand 3130 at Hotelympia to find out how your business could benefit from switching to a lower-cost, more environmentally-friendly food waste disposal method.

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For more information call Lesley Foottit or Astrid Dickinson at Storm Communications on 020 7240 2444 or email

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