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Job Role

Head Chef


Restaurant Sat Bains


John Freeman is head chef at two-Michelin-starred Restaurant Sat Bains. He started 16 years ago at the Nottingham restaurant as a commis working voluntarily on his days off from his other job. Before working for Sat, John gained experience at The Bridge Pub in Oxton, The Anchor Pub in Gunthorpe, Tom Browns in Gunthorpe, Adam’s in Nottingham and Langher Hall.
If the restaurant was the same now as it was five years ago he says he wouldn’t be there because he would have got bored. He loves the restaurant and couldn’t see himself working anywhere else. He’s been part of a restaurant that’s gone from three chefs to 12 chefs, that’s gone from doing 20 on a Saturday night to 60 on a Saturday night. He says he is very similar to Sat and he thinks his drive and relentless energy has rubbed off on him.