ST13 Roll Shaping

Competition details (including date and time)

ST13 Roll Shaping

20 minute competition

From a 500gm piece of bread dough provided by the candidate shape 6 different varieties of roll 2 pieces of each, toppings allowed.

Additional information for this class

The 500gm piece of dough needs to be provided by the competitor and will be weighed by the lead judge at the beginning of the competition. The weight of each pair of rolls needs to be the same but each variety may vary. You do not need to use all the dough if you do not wish too. Rolls to be presented on 1 board, platter or tray accompanied by a written menu description.


Le Cordon Bleu London

Arrival Time 

Minimum one hour before competition. Please report to Skills Theatre registration when you arrive. The final time-table will be confirmed after the deadline for entries, and you will be advised of the date and time of your class/heat.

Equipment Provided 

Workstations comprise a refrigerated work top, single zone induction cooker and single 13amp plug socket, competitors will be expected to supply all other equipment required for their entry.

A visual of a workstation can be viewed below.

Competitors to provide any other equipment needed to prepare their entry.

Hygiene Products


Cleaning chemicals such as sanitisers, degreasers and washing up liquid will be provided by Ecolab.

Cling Film, Foil and Baking Paper will be provded by Wrapex.

Ingredients Provided

Competitors to provide all ingredients

What are judges looking for?

Judges will be looking for uniformity of each pair and variety of shapes moulded, toppings can be used. 6 round varieties with 6 toppings will not score as highly as 6 different pairs of moulded shapes. Marks will be deducted for running over the 20 minutes allocated so please plan your work schedule correctly.

To view a copy of a judging sheet for Skills Theatre please click here


Judges will be available at the Skills Theatre for feedback after the judging has been completed, all competitors should make time to do this.


Results will be announced by the Compere and posted on the results board as soon as possible after judging is complete.

Presentation of awards –


Salon Culinaire Awards Ceremony, Live Theatre, Food and Drink section of Hotelympia.

To be confirmed after places in classes/heats have been allocated

Entry into the show

All competitors and colleagues must register online as a Salon Culinaire Competitor at www.hotelympia.com/salon passes will be emailed direct.

Arriving at the show and accessing the hall

Hotelympia is in the South Hall at ExCeL at the East end of the venue. The closest entrance from the Central Boulevard is S9, turn right as you enter the show, Skills Theatre is located at the back of the hall. If you need drop-off faclilities then please proceed to the Lorry Marshalling Yard and go to the Traffic Administration Office. On production of your Salon Culinaire Vehicle Pass (which will be sent to you) you will be directed to the lorryway to gain access to Vehicle Door S16, which is closest to SkillsTheatre for unloading. There is no faciity to park on the Lorryway, once you have finshed unloading you must immediately remove your vehicle and proceed to the Undercroft Car Park.

Please note if you do not require unloading facilities, for easier and quicker access, please park in the Undercroft Car Park and proceed with light Equipment to Skills Theatre Registration.