JK1 Works in Fat

Competition details

Sunday 4th March 1500hrs – Thursday 8th March 1530hrs    

A decorative work in fat with a max area of 80cm x 80cm. No external supports. The use of some colouring is permitted though this should be subtle and be added to enhance the overall decorative piece.


Additional information for this class

The use of colours will be permitted however these must be sympathetic and must be used to enhance the exhibit provide shading or depth to the exhibit overall. Colours when added  should be well blended or marbled correctly to enhance the piece on show, judges will look to see that colours are solely used to cover or hide imperfections. Exhibitors may wish to provide a sense of movement or action to the piece on show to give a sense of interest and to catch the eye of the public viewing the exhibit. Competitors must take note of the max area of display, not adhering to this may lead to points deducted or disqualification.


Worshipful Company of Cooks

Arrival Time and Date

0730hrs – 0845hrs. Please report to Salon Display Registration when you arrive.

Re-touch area

There will be a re-touch area located close to the Salon Display registration desk. This will comprise trestle tables, a plumbed in sink with hot and cold water, and power points.

The re-touch area should be used for finishing touches only, not full assembly.


Competitor’s Exhibit Reference Details

Labels will be issued to be attached to the top visual side of each entry. A second label will be attached underneath


All judging is blind, using reference numbers, and will commence promptly at 0900hrs each morning.

What are judges looking for?

Judges are looking for a single creative piece of art in fat. The exhibit should stand alone in its own right and be suitable as the main focal piece to address a buffet table . The exhibit  can be abstract, wildlife  or figurene. However, competitors must consider balance and proportion when depicting true to life figures. Detail must be sharp, precise with an array of skills shown.

View a copy of the judging sheet for Salon Display


Judges will be available in the vicinity of the exhibits after judging has been completed, all competitors should make time to do this.


Results will be recorded on award cards adjacent to the exhibit.

Security of Dishes

All reasonable care will be taken for the security of dishes and equipment, the Management Team will not be responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits, dishes, equipment or personal effects. Competitors are advised to suitably insure dishes for display. It is the individual’s responsibility to cover this personal risk.

Removal of Exhibits

All exhibits must be removed at 1700hrs or just after and not before. The Management Team have the right to remove and destroy exhibits remaining after such time. The Management Team may remove any exhibit deemed to be unhygienic or below standard.

Presentation of awards –


Salon Culinaire Awards Ceremony, Live Theatre, Food and Drink section of Hotelympia.

Thursday 8th March 1430hrs


Entry into the show

All competitors and colleagues must register online as a Salon Culinaire Competitor at passes will be emailed direct.

Arriving at the show and accessing the hall 

Hotelympia is in the South Hall at ExCeL at the East end of the venue. The closest entrance from the Central Boulevard is S5 and the display area is just to your right on the side of the hall.. If you need drop-off facilities then please proceed to the Lorry Marshalling Yard and go to the Traffic Administration Office. On production of your Salon Culinaire Vehicle Pass (which will be sent to you) you will be directed to the lorryway to gain access to Vehicle Door 10,which is closest to Salon Display for unloading. The Salon Display registration desk and re-touch area are located close this door. There is no faciity to park on the Lorryway, once you have finished unloading you must immediately remove your vehicle and proceed to the Orange Car Park.

Please note if you do not require unloading facilities, for easier and quicker access, you can park in the Orange Car Park and proceed to Salon Display


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