The Culinary Ability Awards Menu

The Culinary Ability Awards are delighted to be cooking a 3 course dinner on Monday 29th February. The kitchen team in each restaurant will comprise a number of individuals who have a variety of disabilities to overcome, but are keen to showcase their culinary skills to provide a memorable meal for all diners. The menus have been inspired by the determination shown by the teams to conquer the challenges their disabilities pose for them every day and reflect the work that the Culinary Ability Awards are doing in order to help them achieve their dream of working in the hospitality sector. 

"This menu has been inspired by our hope to introduce a new sign-language which can be used in kitchens around the world by all chefs whether they have hearing disorders or not. Adopting the language enables the team to communicate effectively and to produce an efficient service. Please see below for the dishes that will be part of this menu, we intend to let the food do the talking!" Chris Sandford, Culinary Ability Awards