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Hot Trend: Hotel Wellness

07/01/2016 10:43:42

Hotelympia has recognised a trend in the hotel sector and by working with leading consultancy SPA Creators has developed a spa and leisure area at Hotelympia 2016.

This will enable hoteliers to talk to some of the industry’s leading providers of wellness solutions. As part of the event, a seminar programme has been developed to cover some of the hot topics of the moment.  The broad category will be ‘how do you gain a return on health and wellness activities in your hotel’.

SPA Creators, Hotelympia’s industry expert partner has operated in the luxury hotel sector for over 20 years and has seen a significant trend towards hotels offering wellness as part of their core message and so the Show has embraced this for the 2016 show with a dedicated area for wellness.

SPA Creators have seen the emerging lifestyle guest who will select their preferred hotel based on its fitness suite, wet spa and pool and spa treatment offer. SPA Creators research has identified that over 60% of guests will choose a hotel based on wellness even if they never actual use the facilities. Both business and leisure break guests will use online tools for researching and booking their stay, it is easy for a guest to make a choice of a hotel based on their needs. Hotels that are not addressing this guest requirement will lose out to those that have invested and recognise this guest profile. The seminars will discuss the latest trends.

The hotel wellness market is the latest trend to hit the short break hotel market which is being dominated by spa breaks. Hotels will need to add spas to the guest offer to enable them to compete in the future. A spa needs to have some basic elements, pool, thermal suite, treatment rooms, relaxation areas, lounge and F&B. Our wellness area has leading providers of equipment and services for spa.

SPA Creators experience working with leading hotels around the UK and Europe have found that by adding a spa, operators will see increases in room occupancy linked to leisure breaks, extended seasonal activity and additional revenues in F&B and treatment/retail revenue. Spas broaden a hotels appeal creating a destination that becomes part of the reason why a guest will choose a hotel stay, because it has a spa. Spas are therefore becoming a must have for any boutique hotel. 

In addition, fitness areas in hotels are still an active area of growth for hotel operators. Today’s facilities are more than just a gym with equipment, a fitness suite can be tailored to the available space within the hotel. Fitness can be used to drive membership revenue and this can provide a ROI on operating costs. The fitness industry is moving towards functional training and hotels can encompass this trend with flexible indoor spaces and exploiting outdoor areas for boot camps, obstacle courses, running tracks, mountain biking. With technology guests and members can monitor their activity during their stay and update their own monitoring apps at home.

You increase your knowledge of the wellness tourism market and understand how you can exploit the opportunities by visiting SPA Creators at the show.
T: 0118 9471857