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Compass Man Points the Way to Hotelympia 2016

14/01/2016 10:47:18

Nick Vadis is UK Executive Chef for Compass Group UK & Ireland. As the National Chairman of the Craft Guild of Chefs, he is a bastion for the development and promotion of key skills critical to the hospitality industry.

In 2016 Compass Group is the headline sponsor of Salon Culinaire’s Salon Display – a stunning array of hand-crafted exhibits that includes work in sugar, chocolate, pastillage and fat, as well as vibrant buffets, platters and restaurant plates that showcase the incredible skills within the industry.

Here he talks to us about the thrill of competitive cooking and the long history between Compass Group, Salon Culinaire and Hotelympia. 

“Compass Group and Hotelympia have worked in partnership for well over ten years and it just really works. From our perspective it’s all about engaging the business and getting our chefs in the public arena and Hotelympia is the perfect platform for this. 

“Competition is good for chefs, and Salon Culinaire is as good as it gets.  As a chef it’s about pitting yourself and your skills against others, but also building relationships with other likeminded people. Competing also gives you a great handle on emerging trends and how to cater for them. Over the last couple of years we’ve seen this great emergence of street food and so-called ‘dirty’ food – dishes reliant on flavour rather than overdressing. 

These trends feature highly in some of the classes for 2016, alongside many traditional challenges, proof that Salon Culinaire moves with and reacts to industry changes. All the more reason for chefs to put themselves out there, enjoy it, show their craft, show their skill and get involved.”